What is scrapple? Underappreciated breakfast meat? Gross pig offal? On this scrapple blog we will answer these questions and more! (4)

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Your Scrapple Stories: The Confirmation Gift They Will Never Forget

Cathedral of St. Paul

Confirmation is an important ritual in a lot of young Christians' lives. Family and friends from all over come together to enjoy the beautiful moment.

And like most coming-of-age celebrations, along with the happiness and congratulations are plenty of gifts! Typical confirmation gifts are money, a gift card, or some sort of religious token (e.g. jewelry, books, rosaries, etc).

Sure, these are all nice and carry a lot of meaning, but is that what a young adult really wants as they are going through this rite of passage?

Scrapple lover Dana doesn't think so:


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Scrapple Confounds the "Chopped" Chefs as a Mystery Ingredient

Scrapple is the Mystery Ingredient on ChoppedDo you watched the Food Network show Chopped? I don't. But about a week ago I got a few messages that I should be watching at that exact moment because the chefs on the show were cooking with scrapple!

So what the heck is Chopped and why aren't they always cooking with scrapple?

In short, Chopped is another one of those cooking competition shows. Each episode, four chefs are pitted against one another doing their best to cook a fantastic dish in 30 minutes that is created from "mystery ingredients" discovered only seconds before the clock starts ticking.

Normally the ingredients, I imagine, are chosen by some expert chef who is a show consultant. But this specific episode was a "Viewers' Choice." Fans of the show were allowed to vote on what crazy ingredients they wanted to see the challengers using.

Naturally, when the public is given a voice they make wise decisions, and that's how scrapple made it on the show. Awesome, right? The chefs did not agree.


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Learn the Lyrics to the Scrapple Song and Sing Along

The Scrapple Song lyrics:
Grind up a pig
Put it in a can


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Your Scrapple Stories: That's How It's Made?! I'm Not Eating That!

Your Scrapple Stories: seeing it from beginning to endGeo grew up on the Maryland Eastern Shore. Scrapple has a home there. It's easy to find in the grocery store, for sure, but it's also not too hard to find folks that make it themselves.

To little-Geo's horror, his family did just that. And when he saw what went into it, well, I'll let him tell the story:


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Getting Your Hands On Gluten-Free Scrapple

Why isn't scrapple naturally gluten-free? Let's look at the typical scrapple ingredients:

  • Pork
  • Pork Skins
  • Pork Livers
  • Pork Fat
  • Pork Hearts

Mmm, sounds delicious, and completely gluten free! Come one, come all, my celiac friends, and dig in to some scrapple!

Wait, not so fast! That's not everything! 

Oh right. Scrapple isn't just pork scraps.

Let's have a quick rundown on the basics of how scrapple is made:


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Your Scrapple Stories: A Drunken Introduction

Your Scrapple StoriesScrapple lover, Steph, sent me this scrapple story about the first time she was wowed by our favorite breakfast meat. Not surprisingly, it happened late one night while drunk in a diner. Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that one...


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Breakfast Poetry: Scrapple Haikus

Scrapple Haikus from Scrapple FansA few years ago a blogger for the Baltimore Sun held a Scrapple Poetry Contest. When I found this article recently, I could hardly contain my excitement. Until I read the winners. BORING! Who needs high art when it comes to scrapple?

But a scrapple haiku? Quick and savory, and though it might not be the highest quality, at least you know what you're going go get -- just like scrapple!


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Your Scrapple Stories: Truth in Labeling

Scrapple with Tomatoes and JalapenosSunday morning, David sent me this photo of some delicious scrapple making going on.

"Jalapenos, tomatoes from the garden and SCRAPPLE!." RAPA scrapple to be specific, and it looks delicious.

But is he always frying up his scrapple with some fresh veggies?

"It can be as simple as a couple of pieces with eggs (gotta have eggs) or something more elaborate with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, etc," said David.


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Pin ALL of the Scrapple Pictures!

Scrapple on PinterestHave you heard of Pinterest? It's the the new way to share photos about stuff you like. You "pin" pictures on a virtual board split up into categories.

For example, some folks have pinned photos of:

People are going crazy pinning everything they are passionate about. And these are all nice enough.

But I think we can all agree that the real reason Pinterest exists is to share pictures of scrapple. And now it has finally found it's calling.


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West Coast Scrapple Does It Offal-Free

West Coast Scrapple is Offal-freeA scrapple company 3,000 miles from Philadelphia? That makes their scrapple without the scraps? How the heck did that happen?

Well, like most of us, Michael Susak grew up eating scrapple. The only difference is, he was raised in eastern Oregon where no one else was eating it.


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