Scrapple Expert Adam Gerard

dog-cat-scrapple-865246-edited.jpgWait, am I really a "scrapple expert?" Uh, sure, why not? At the very least, I am a devoted scrapple lover.

Sadly, I was kept in the dark about scrapple as I did a lot of my growing up in Upstate New York. Finally, when my family moved to Maryland when I was a high schooler, I was introduced to this delicious breakfast meat and my life has never been the same since. 

And just as quickly as I was surrounded by scrapple at every turn, it was all gone. Life took me to Boston and then Toronto, two places where scrapple basically doesn't exist. So instead of warm slices of cripsy scrapple, I have all the wonderful stories on this website, and loads of scrapple fans on Facebook, to keep me company.

In addition to this website, I was interviewed by Delaware Public Media for Scrapplegasm (yeah, that was a real event) and I've spoken about scrapple at Toastmasters:

Want to talk scrapple? Go ahead and send me a note:

Twitter: @WhatIsScrapple (#ScrappleNation)