Know Your Scrapple Brands: RAPA Scrapple

Written by Adam Gerard | December 30, 2012 at 3:50 PM | 25 Comments

Written by Adam Gerard | December 30, 2012 at 3:50 PM | 25 Comments

Know Your Scrapple Brands: RAPA Scrapple

It's almost scrapple overloadRAPA, located in Bridgeville, Delaware, is the world's largest producer of scrapple. Wow, that is a great phrase to read.

Scrapple lovers often have a brand-of-choice, so RAPA's distinctive red, white and blue packaging is a welcome sight to many. Growing up in Maryland, this was once the only scrapple I knew.

RAPA Scrapple History

In 1926, brothers Ralph and Paul Adams started a scrapple manufacturing plant. Notice the bold letters I added? That's where the RAPA name comes from. Did I just blow your mind? Probably not, but still, it's an interesting fact.

Though RAPA was bought by Jones Dairy Farm in 1981, their scrapple continues to be manufactured in Bridgeville with a staff of 60, in a facility that looks like a giant brick of their own scrapple. No word on if they are looking to hire scrapple quality control tasters, though I'm sure they'd have little trouble filling that position.

RAPA Scrapple Products

RAPA has their standard "Our Original" scrapple, but they are a bit unique in that they also offer various scrapple, uh, "flavors" if you will, including:

  • Our Original, which does actually include snouts. Interesting.
  • Beef (from the RAPA site -- "...the same great recipe as our Original Scrapple but uses the finest beef ingredients..." -- finest? Not sure about that word selection when the ingredients include tripe and hearts.)
  • Bacon. I love me some scrapple, but I love me some bacon too. Scrapple and bacon together?!
  • Chile Chipotle. Hot & spicy!
  • Greensboro Brand. From Greensboro, Maryland and includes a bit of beef to add to the flavor.
  • Turkey Scrapple! Woh. 

Where to Buy RAPA

In addition to being the world's largest producer of scrapple, RAPA also seems to be one of the most widely available. Normally, scrapple is difficult to find outside of the Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland areas. Yet, according to the RAPA Scrapple store locator, you can find their breakfast meat as far west as Arizona and as far south as Florida, with a few stops in between. So all you Delaware expats, RAPA is likely what you'll find in your local grocery store, if you find any scrapple at all.

Not lucky enough to find RAPA near you? Well, there's still hope. From November through February each year, you can buy RAPA Scrapple online! (press the "Mail Orders - Order" link in the top left to get to their order form) Keep in mind, you're buying pound bricks of scrapple, so shipping can get pricey.

Wear Your RAPA

powered-by-scrapple-t-shirtFor all you loyal RAPA lovers, did you know they have a merchandise section? I'm actually thinking of buying myself a weight lifting pig "Powered by Scrapple" shirt. 

Are you a RAPA loyalist? Tell us about your love for RAPA scrapple in the comments!



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