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Scrapple Recipes (4)

Written by Adam Gerard | September 15, 2016 at 4:23 PM | 1 Comment

The Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery Has Its Way With Scrapple

I ran across this fabulous book recently. Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery written in 1935.


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Written by Adam Gerard | January 7, 2013 at 6:30 PM | 1 Comment

Making Your Own Scrapple, With a Modern Recipe [VIDEO]

Let's talk for a second on the basics of how scrapple is made:

You've cut up your pig. You've sliced up your ham and bacon and tenderloin and whatever other pieces of hog you want to enjoy. That's when the scrapple making begins! Take your pork "scraps" -- yeah, the liver and fat, but maybe even some hearts and snouts -- and boil them. When it's nice and tender, you take out the pork and chop it up. Meanwhile, you've got this pork stock left behind; add something like flour or cornmeal to thicken it up. Stir the meat back in, cool and shape it in a loaf pan and BAM that's how scrapple is made!

Scrapple is delicious, and gosh darn it, it's practical! We'll never stop making scrapple the way we all know and love. Still, it never hurts to have some fun with a classic dish, which is exactly what Chef John Mitzewich has done with his "Modern Scrapple" recipe.

"Wait, modern scrapple? What the heck are you trying to pull here?"

I know, I know. But listen: it's a fun change, and it doesn't hurt that Chef John's final creation sure does look delicious.

The three biggest differences between classic scrapple and Chef John's modern scrapple:


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A Native Pennsylvanian Pines for Scrapple in 1872 - Some Things Never Change

Scrapple Made Out of a Pig's Head in 1872A few years ago, the NY Times pulled together a chain of editorial letters about scrapple from 1872. Like most discussions on scrapple, it starts off with a passionate supporter going on and on about how awesome this little-known breakfast meat is. And also similar to today, the detractors voice their disgust, unable to get over how and what scrapple is made of and insist it's terrible. Same story, different century.

But what I find most fascinating is how much the initial scrapple lover sounds exactly like scrapple lovers of present day.


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Making Apple Scrapple Pie

Making Apple Scrapple PieApple and scrapple - two foods I would not normally choose to eat together. There is not much at all that link them other then, well, they rhyme. And who doesn't love a good rhyme? It seems that is enough for various chefs to try and put apple and scrapple together in various dishes.


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