Making Apple Scrapple Pie

Written by Adam Gerard | February 14, 2012 at 9:00 AM | 0 Comments

Written by Adam Gerard | February 14, 2012 at 9:00 AM | 0 Comments

Making Apple Scrapple Pie

Making Apple Scrapple PieApple and scrapple - two foods I would not normally choose to eat together. There is not much at all that link them other then, well, they rhyme. And who doesn't love a good rhyme? It seems that is enough for various chefs to try and put apple and scrapple together in various dishes.

One such concoction is Apple Scrapple Pie!

There are three recipes I came across, all of them look, well, interesting (if apple and scrapple together are something you're looking for).

3 Attempts at Making Apple Scrapple Pie

1. First, there is the Let's Just Throw It All Together in a Pie Crust and See What Happens recipe. These boys cook up some bacon and scrapple and pile it high in a pie crust with some gooey apple pie filling. And why not mix in a little whiskey too? Their video of the pie production is aptly named: Scrapple Apple Pie - Disgusting Meal Show

I'm adventurous. I would certainly try this. But I'm not so sure I would like it.

2. Then there is the professional pie maker's attempt at an Apple Scrapple Pie. Rodney Henry bakes at Dangerously Delicious Pies. His first shop is in Baltimore, so of course he has to try to bake a scrapple pie (I'm sure he's got something with Old Bay too).

His pie is a bit more appetizing than our first on this list. And that's even with the pig foot sticking out the center (seriously). First, Rodney crumbles some scrapple as the base layer, throws on sliced apple, puts on a "dirt" mixture of crumbled scrapple and bacon, and then jams a pigs foot right in the center of the pie. It's simultaneously gross and delicious. See for yourself:

The pigs nice touch.

3. Last, but certainly not least, there is the homemade Scrapple Apple Pie done by Cookbook Archaeology. This thing is a masterpiece. She starts by making scrapple from scratch out of boiled pork shoulder and liver, cornmeal and spices.

She takes the scrapple in its raw glory and creates a 5 layer scrapple-apple-scrapple-brown sugar-apple pie. Then she goes on to make what might be the most delicious pie crust I have ever seen and wrap up the layers.

This looks seriously savory and delicious. I have no baking skills, but there's something rumbling inside me - perhaps my stomach - that says I have to give this a try!

Have you ever made Apple Scrapple pie? Or something else with scrapple that is just as delicious? Tell us in the comments about your experience!

Photo by fauxto_digit via Flickr and Creative Commons.

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