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Scrapple Desserts (1)

Written by Adam Gerard | August 16, 2016 at 1:36 PM | 4 Comments

Scrapple Ice Cream Wasn't Real. And Then It Was.

Like you, I fell for it. Multiple people shared the following photo with me and I got excited:

If bacon is good enough for ice cream, why not scrapple? But, alas. The good folks at Billy Penn did some research and found out it was all too good to be true.

“We have 16 different varieties of specialty ice cream and sorbet in pints, and the selection can vary by store and season,” said Wegmans spokesperson Katie Redmond. “Scrapple is not one of those flavors.”  😭

[emoji added by me, but should be part of their official statement]

In fact, that photo of Wegmans Scrapple Ice Cream ("scrapple chunks!" #nomnomnom) has been quietly living on the internet since 2010 when it was created by Pete Ruggieri and posted on his Facebook page Scrapple is the New Bacon. A recent reshare shoved it into the scrapple spotlight, leading to thousands of reshares (seriously) and a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Dream Doesn't Die

I thought the journey would end there and we would all be left wondering, would scrapple ice cream be any good? Would it be made with real chunks? Can you somehow maintain the crispy outside while still enveloping it in ice cream?

But Danya Henninger, Cassie Owen and Angie Nassar at Billy Penn wouldn't let the dream die. They wondered aloud too, and then did something about it. And suddenly scrapple ice cream existed!


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