scrapple-header-llScrapple is, quite possibly, the world's greatest breakfast meat. I know that. You know that. But, unfortunately, there are so many other people out there who don't know that.

So let's tell everyone how great scrapple is!

We all have wonderful scrapple moments in our lives. The more we tell our scrapple stories and how great of a food this is, the more people will try it and the better chance we will have of finding it everywhere we go!

Share your scrapple stories with me. I'd love to hear about:

  • The first time you tasted scrapple.
  • Your scrapple family history.
  • Interesting scrapple food creations.
  • Anything related to scrapple that you think Scrapple Nation would love to read!

The best scrapple stories will be featured on What Is!

So fill out the form to the right, get in touch, and let's talk scrapple!

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